Lower VAT - 200% for you as a customer!

All companies in Germany benefit from the reduction in VAT - we do not pass on this advantage to our customers 100%, but to 200%.
This action gives you the opportunity to equip your wrist with a sporty chronograph and at the same time save money in the amount of € 15,10.

To the action. * Click * MACHIA V5 Chronograph men's watch value added tax promotion

Can the VAT reduction action be combined with other Machia promotions?

As always, it is possible to enter a voucher code. If you have found your way to us via a blogger or YouTuber, you can redeem the personalized codes in the checkout.
The discount that Machia receives for first-time customers is also included in the "VAT reduction" campaign. can be combined. Simply redeem the code from the newsletter mask in the checkout.

How do I get the discount?

The discount is automatic on all products. The total of about 5% discount is already on the page as SALE displayed in the current prices. So you can do your shopping as usual.

How do the -5% (€ 15,10) come about?

VAT was reduced by 3 percentage points, from 19% to 16%. How do you get 5% savings? Who cares, here is the calculation:

299 / 1,19 = 251,26
251,26 1,16 x = 291,46
299 - 291,46 = 7,54
7,54 x 2 (our special offer) = € 15,08 saved.

In order not to be petty, we round the result down to one You save € 15,10 (5% of the RRP of € 299).

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